Bookmark and Share        What does the Driving Theory test involve? 

There are two elements to the driving Theory Test: The Multiple Choice and the Hazard Perception test. 

The multiple choice test comprises 50 questions and of these you must answer 43 correctly in order to pass. The theory test is carried out on a computer. Want to pass first time? I HIGHLY recommend making the DSA Highway Code your priority reading material and then test your self with a DSA theory test book. By reading the Highway Code you will be ensuring you have access to and understand ALL the relevant information needed to pass the test rather than learning the test questions parrot fashion. This will also make you a much safer driver, with a full understanding of the rules of the road.

The Hazard Perception Test consists of 14 video clips in which there are 15 developing hazards. Confused? Don't worry! Whilst there is no "book based" revision you can do for this part of the test, identifying hazards is a major part of learning to drive and I will be teaching you how to recognize and respond to developing hazards during your lessons.

You must pass both parts of the Test in one 'sitting' otherwise you will have to re-take both parts of the Theory Test.